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I’m sooooo excited that our website is officially up and running. All new posts and information will be placed on our new website. Click on the pic above, take the time to check it out and definitely share it with friends. #cheers #teambella


I Believe In You #teambella

We always want to be reminded that whatever we do really helps someone to be inspired to do more. I have the awesome opportunity to to share not just my gift but my own story and journey.

This passed week I received an email which started off by saying “I just went through each and every post and pic from your wordpress site and am compelled to send you a big hug. Your site is absolutely amazing and a true godsend for me”.

Now for sure this had me definitely motivated to read the entire mail and it continued with the sharing of how I’ve given her the desire to do a make over and embrace being beautiful with crochet braids.

I was so bowled away by this and it had me smiling all day. As promised she sent her pics of the first attempt at installing crochet braids and I am sooooo proud of her. Bella Elaine has taken a leap of faith and has done something she’s never done before.

She looks amazing and her hair is FAAAAB. Kudos to you mama. It’s testimonies like these that make me know that my decision to share my gift is worth the investment and I’m so motivated to continue.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world you too can embrace a unique protective style that protects your hair, promotes growth, and aids in retaining length. In addition crochet braids is flexible and fashionable.

I love #crochetbraids and I love #teambella.

Hey #teambella, I did a product review for the Wet N Wavy Tangle Free Leave In Conditioner. Have a look see and as always I hope this helps.


Just wanted to share my new crochet braid hairstyle and also give you some necessary tips. Hope this helps #teambella #cheers

Big Curls Hair Crush



There’s just something about big curly hair. For this new set of crochet braids, I decided to test a new hair with the desire of having it big, curly and free to blow in the wind. The hair selected was called Gogo Curl. Now in Jamaica the word gogo is kind the name you would want to associate good hair to, but I’ll do a video for sure to bring you up to speed. I’m reallly impressed with this hair and the results are absolutely phenominal.

For the record this installation took longer that what I’m used to because I tried my best to juggle it with my business schedule and so time wasn’t totally on my side.

What I can say so far is this totally gives me a new look so much so that I definitely want to explore using the hair with other colours. Like really can you just imagine this hair in blonde.

I’ve started to use some new products for my crochet braids and I’ve also been recommending them to my clients.These I wiill talk about in a later post.

Of course you can stay connected to see how I rock this hair for the next couple of weeks.

#cheers #teambella

Almost Completed.....

Hey Family,

So I decided to install a new set of crochet braids, but as you know I still have to deal with my regular schedule which can be a good busy. With that said I’m about 3/4 way completed with just a few rows at the front.

As you can see I used a scarf to style as a headband and pretty much let the hair blow in the wind. :). I’ll definitely talk about the hair that I’m using and the look that I’m actually going for. As a hint I am feeling the big and curly, but let’s see how it turns out.

Talk to you lata.

#cheers #teambella

Let's Go Bridal......

About a week ago I had an entire bridal party including bride and bridesmaid that wanted to be “Bellad” It’s so exciting to know that many are intrigued by my work and have a desire for me to style their hair.

I really love seeing how my Bellas take their style and make it their own. In the photo above from left to right Bella Danielle wore Tango Curl, Bella Shermaine rocked Water Wave and Bella Kysha chose Appeal. All hair types are from the Freetress Brand.

I should be posting pics of the bride very soon so just stay tuned for that.

#cheers #teambella

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